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  • Let not my soul go by their counsel, nor my glory be within their meeting. For in their fury they killed a man, and in their self-will they undermined a wall. (Genesis 49, 6)

  • Joseph is a growing son, a growing son and stately to behold; the daughters run back and forth on the wall. (Genesis 49, 22)

  • And the sons of Israel went in through the midst of the dried sea. For the water was like a wall at their right hand and at their left hand. (Exodus 14, 22)

  • But the sons of Israel continued directly through the midst of the dried sea, and the waters were to them like a wall on the right and on the left. (Exodus 14, 29)

  • And the donkey, seeing this, drew herself close to the wall and scraped the foot of the rider. So he beat her again. (Numbers 22, 25)

  • When you build a new house, you shall make a wall around the roof. Otherwise, someone may slip and fall down violently, and so blood would be shed at your house, and you would be guilty. (Deuteronomy 22, 8)

  • Therefore, she sent them down from a window with a rope. For her house was joined to the wall. (Joshua 2, 15)

  • And there were gold mice, according to the number of the cities of the Philistines, of the five provinces, from the fortified city to the village that was without a wall, and even to the great stone upon which they placed the ark of the Lord, which was, at last in that day, in the field of Joshua, the Beth-shemeshite. (1 Samuel 6, 18)

  • And he threw it, thinking that he would be able to fix David to the wall. And David stepped aside twice, from before his face. (1 Samuel 18, 11)

  • And Saul attempted to fix David to the wall with the lance. But David turned aside from the face of Saul. And the lance failed to wound him, and it became fixed in the wall. And David fled, and so he was saved that night. (1 Samuel 19, 10)

  • And when the king had sat down on his chair, (according to custom) which was beside the wall, Jonathan rose up, and Abner sat beside Saul, and David’s place appeared empty. (1 Samuel 20, 25)

  • They were a wall to us, as much in the night as in the day, during all the days that we were with them, pasturing the sheep. (1 Samuel 25, 16)

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