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  • he said to her: “Hagar, handmaid of Sarai, where have you come from? And where will you go?” And she answered, “I flee from the face of Sarai, my mistress.” (Genesis 16, 8)

  • And when they had eaten, they said to him, “Where is Sarah your wife?” He answered, “Behold, she is in the tent.” (Genesis 18, 9)

  • After these things occurred, God tested Abraham, and he said to him, “Abraham, Abraham.” And he answered, “Here I am.” (Genesis 22, 1)

  • Isaac said to his father, “My father.” And he answered, “What do you want, son?” “Behold,” he said, “fire and wood. Where is the victim for the holocaust?” (Genesis 22, 7)

  • And behold, an Angel of the Lord called out from heaven, saying, “Abraham, Abraham.” And he answered, “Here I am.” (Genesis 22, 11)

  • And bread was set out in his sight. But he said, “I will not eat, until I have spoken my words.” He answered him, “Speak.” (Genesis 24, 33)

  • But truly, I answered my lord, ‘What if the woman is not willing to come with me?’ (Genesis 24, 39)

  • He answered, “Lo, I am dying, what will the right of the firstborn provide for me?” (Genesis 25, 32)

  • And when he was questioned by the men of that place about his wife, he answered, “She is my sister.” For he was afraid to confess her to be his mate, thinking that perhaps they would put him to death because of her beauty. (Genesis 26, 7)

  • And summoning him, he said: “It is clear that she is your wife. Why did you falsely claim her to be your sister?” He answered, “I was afraid, lest I might die because of her.” (Genesis 26, 9)

  • He answered her: “You know that my brother Esau is a hairy man, and I am smooth. (Genesis 27, 11)

  • When he had carried these in, he said, “My father?” And he answered, “I’m listening. Who are you, my son?” (Genesis 27, 18)

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