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  • and gave, for the works of the house of the Lord, five thousand talents and ten thousand pieces of gold, ten thousand talents of silver, and eighteen thousand talents of brass, and also one hundred thousand talents of iron. (1 Chronicles 29, 7)

  • Also, the altar of brass, which Bezalel, the son of Uri, the son of Hur, had constructed, was there before the tabernacle of the Lord. And so Solomon sought it, with the entire assembly. (2 Chronicles 1, 5)

  • Therefore, send to me a learned man, who knows how to work with gold and silver, with brass and iron, with purple, scarlet, and hyacinth, and who knows how to carve engravings, along with these artisans that I have with me in Judea and Jerusalem, whom my father David has prepared. (2 Chronicles 2, 7)

  • the son of a woman from the daughters of Dan, whose father was a Tyrian, who knows how to work with gold and silver, with brass and iron, and with marble and timber, as well as with purple, and hyacinth, and fine linen, and scarlet. And he knows how to carve every kind of engraving, and how to devise prudently whatever may be necessary to the work, with your artisans and with the artisans of my lord David, your father. (2 Chronicles 2, 14)

  • Also, he made a brass altar of twenty cubits in length, and of twenty cubits in width, and of ten cubits in height, (2 Chronicles 4, 1)

  • Then too, he made the court of the priests, and a great hall, and doors in the hall, which he covered with brass. (2 Chronicles 4, 9)

  • and cooking pots and hooks and bowls. Hiram, his father, made all the vessels for Solomon, in the house of the Lord, from the purest brass. (2 Chronicles 4, 16)

  • Now the multitude of the vessels was innumerable, so much so that the weight of the brass was unknown. (2 Chronicles 4, 18)

  • And the king and Jehoiada gave it to those who were in charge of the works of the house of the Lord. Then with it they hired hewers of stone, and artisans of every kind, so that they might repair the house of the Lord, and also so that the works of iron and of brass, which had begun to fall, would be reinforced. (2 Chronicles 24, 12)

  • and twenty gold bowls which had the weight of one thousand coins, and two vessels of the finest shining brass, as beautiful as gold. (Ezra 8, 27)

  • He will flee from weapons of iron, and he will fall in an arc of brass, (Job 20, 24)

  • Iron is taken from the earth, and ore, unbound by heat, is turned into brass. (Job 28, 2)

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