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  • And he, having called a great crowd of his friends to the feast, agreed to the marriage. (Genesis 29, 22)

  • Likewise, he had in his company chariots and horsemen. And it became a crowd without restraint. (Genesis 50, 9)

  • You shall not follow the crowd in doing evil. Neither shall you go astray in judgment, by agreeing with the majority opinion, apart from the truth. (Exodus 23, 2)

  • And Moses said to the entire crowd of the sons of Israel: “This is the word which the Lord has instructed, saying: (Exodus 35, 4)

  • But if all the crowd of Israel will have been ignorant, and through inexperience will have done what is contrary to the commandment of the Lord, (Leviticus 4, 13)

  • And Moses did as the Lord had commanded. And when all the crowd was gathered together before the entrance of the tabernacle, (Leviticus 8, 4)

  • And, behold, a fire from the Lord devoured the holocaust, and the fat which was on the altar. When the crowd had seen this, they praised the Lord, falling on their faces. (Leviticus 9, 24)

  • And so, crying out, the entire crowd wept throughout that night. (Numbers 14, 1)

  • And the Lord said to Moses, “Let that man be put to death; let the entire crowd crush him with stones, outside the camp.” (Numbers 15, 35)

  • and he said to the crowd, “Withdraw from the tabernacles of these impious men, and touch nothing which pertains to them, lest you become involved in their sins.” (Numbers 16, 26)

  • And behold, one of the sons of Israel entered, in the sight of his brothers, to a prostitute of Midian, within view of Moses and of all the crowd of the sons of Israel, who were weeping before the door of the tabernacle. (Numbers 25, 6)

  • And so, they went and besieged him at Abel and Bethmaacah. And they surrounded the city with siege works, and the city was blockaded. Then the entire crowd who were with Joab strove to destroy the walls. (2 Samuel 20, 15)

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