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  • and if that impious man returns the collateral, and repays what he has taken by force, and if he walks in the commandments of life, and does not do anything unjust, then he shall certainly live, and he shall not die. (Ezekiel 33, 15)

  • And when the impious man will have withdrawn from his impiety, and have done judgment and justice, he shall live by these. (Ezekiel 33, 19)

  • And the impious within the testament will imitate deceitfully, but the people, knowing their God, will persevere and will act. (Daniel 11, 32)

  • Many will be chosen and purified, and, as if by fire, they will be tested, and the impious will act impiously, and none of the impious will understand, yet the teachers will understand. (Daniel 12, 10)

  • Nevertheless, there is a fire in the house of the impious, the treasury of iniquity, and a small measure, filled with wrath. (Micah 6, 10)

  • Because of this, the law has been torn apart, and judgment does not persevere to its conclusion. For the impious prevail against the just. Because of this, a perverse judgment is issued. (Habakkuk 1, 4)

  • Your eyes are pure, you do not behold evil, and you cannot look towards iniquity. Why do you look upon the agents of iniquity, and remain silent, while the impious is devouring one who is more just than himself? (Habakkuk 1, 13)

  • You have gone forth for the salvation of your people, for salvation with your Christ. You struck the head of the house of the impious. You have laid bare his foundation all the way to the neck. (Habakkuk 3, 13)

  • I will gather man and cattle; I will gather the flying things of the air and the fish of the sea. And the impious will be a catastrophe. And I will disperse men before the face of the earth, says the Lord. (Zephaniah 1, 3)

  • The just Lord is in their midst; he will not do iniquity. In the morning, in the morning, he will bring his judgment into the light, and it will not be hidden. But the impious one has not known shame. (Zephaniah 3, 5)

  • And you shall be converted, and you will see the difference between the just and the impious, and between those who serve God and those who do not serve him. (Malachi 3, 18)

  • And you will trample the impious, while they will be ashes under the sole of your foot, on the day that I act, says the Lord of hosts. (Malachi 4, 3)

“Caminhe com alegria e com o coração o mais sincero e aberto que puder. E quando não conseguir manter esta santa alegria, ao menos não perca nunca o valor e a confiança em Deus.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina