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  • my hand has power to repay you with harm. But the God of your father said to me yesterday, ‘Beware that you not speak anything stern against Jacob.’ (Genesis 31, 29)

  • But if her death will have followed, he will repay a life for a life, (Exodus 21, 23)

  • then the owner of the cistern shall repay the price of the beasts, and what is dead will belong to him. (Exodus 21, 34)

  • But if he knew that his ox had pushed with its horns, yesterday and the day before, and its owner did not confine it, then he shall repay an ox for an ox, and he will receive the whole carcass.” (Exodus 21, 36)

  • If whatever he stole should be found with him, a living thing, either an ox, or a donkey, or a sheep, he shall repay double. (Exodus 22, 4)

  • If there is any damage to a field or a vineyard, when he has released his cattle to pasture on the land of a stranger, he shall repay the best of what he has in his own field, or in his own vineyard, according to the estimation of the damage. (Exodus 22, 5)

  • If a fire will have been discovered departing from brush, and taking hold in stacks of grain, or in crops standing in the fields, whoever ignited the fire shall repay the damages. (Exodus 22, 6)

  • If anyone will have entrusted money, or a container, to his friend to keep, and if these have been stolen from the one who received them: if the thief is found, he shall repay double. (Exodus 22, 7)

  • so as to perpetrate any fraud, such as with an ox, or a donkey, or a sheep, or clothing, nor to do anything that would be able to cause damage. The case of both shall be brought before the heavens. And if they give judgment against him, he shall repay double to his neighbor. (Exodus 22, 9)

  • But if it will have been taken away by theft, he shall repay the damages to the owner. (Exodus 22, 12)

  • You shall do likewise with those of the oxen and the sheep. For seven days, let it be with its mother; on the eighth day you shall repay it to me. (Exodus 22, 30)

  • Whoever will have struck down an animal shall repay its equivalent, that is, a life for a life. (Leviticus 24, 18)

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