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  • Lot looked up and saw the whole valley of the Jordan: how well it was watered! Before Yahweh destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, this was like one of Yahweh's gardens, like the country of Egypt, on coming to Zoar. (Genesis 13, 10)

  • and he completely destroyed those towns and all the valley and all the inhabitants of the towns and everything that grew there. (Genesis 19, 25)

  • So when God destroyed the towns of the plain he remembered Abraham and made Lot escape from the catastrophe while he destroyed the cities where Lot had lived. (Genesis 19, 29)

  • Then Jacob said to Simeon and Levi, "You have brought trouble on me, making me hateful to the people of this land, the Canaanites and the Perizzites. I have only a few men and if the others unite against me and attack me, I shall be destroyed, myself and my household. (Genesis 34, 30)

  • but the wheat and the spelt which are late crops were not destroyed. (Exodus 9, 32)

  • The priest will burn this clothing, textile material, linen or woolen covering, leather article of any kind, on which the mildew has spread and which must be destroyed by fire. (Leviticus 13, 52)

  • After the cleansing he must examine it again and if he finds that the mildew has not changed color, even though it has not spread, the article is unclean. It must be destroyed by fire. (Leviticus 13, 55)

  • I, Yahweh, have spoken. Surely this is what I will do to this wicked community that has conspired against me. In this wilderness they shall be destroyed and this is where they shall die." (Numbers 14, 35)

  • Yahweh heard the voice of Israel and delivered the Canaanites into their hands. They were wiped out and their towns were destroyed according to the anathema. Because of this that place was named Hormah. (Numbers 21, 3)

  • For Sihon, king of the Amorites, has destroyed Heshbon. The little children and the women were brought as far as Dibon and Nophah, the men were taken as far as Medeba." (Numbers 21, 30)

  • but you shall be destroyed; and finally Asshur shall take you captive." (Numbers 24, 22)

  • Ships shall come from Kittim and shall conquer Asshur, but also Eber; they too shall be destroyed." (Numbers 24, 24)

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