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  • The messenger returned and said to Jacob, "We went to your brother Esau and he is already coming to meet you with four hundred men." (Genesis 32, 6)

  • The woman went to her husband and told him, "A messenger of God who bore the majesty of an angel spoke to me. I did not ask him where he came from nor did he tell me his name. (Judges 13, 6)

  • It was then that a messenger came to Saul and said, "Come quickly because the Philistines have invaded the land!" (1 Samuel 23, 27)

  • Then Joab sent a messenger to tell David everything that had happened during the battle. (2 Samuel 11, 18)

  • So the messenger went to tell David all that Joab instructed him. (2 Samuel 11, 22)

  • David said to the messenger, "Try to encourage Joab with this message: Do not let this thing disturb you, for the sword devours one this time and another at another time. Intensify your attacks against the city and overthrow it." (2 Samuel 11, 25)

  • So he sent a messenger to Tekoa to fetch a wise woman and he told her this, "Please pretend to be a mourner. Put on mourning garments and do not perfume yourself with oil that you may look like a woman who has been mourning for several days for the dead (2 Samuel 14, 2)

  • A messenger came to report to David that the Israelites were siding with Absalom. (2 Samuel 15, 13)

  • Then Hiram sent a messenger to Solomon with these words, "I have heard the message you sent me and I am ready to do whatever you want concerning the cedar and cypress timber. (1 Kings 5, 8)

  • Elisha then sent a messenger to tell him, "Go to the river Jordan and wash seven times, and your flesh shall be as it was before, and you shall be cleansed." (2 Kings 5, 10)

  • Elisha was seated in his house and the elders were sitting with him. Before the messenger's arrival, Elisha said to them, "Do you not know that this murderer has ordered someone to cut my head off? Well then, when the messenger comes, shut the door and do not let him in. Behind him, I hear the sound of his master's footsteps." (2 Kings 6, 32)

  • So the man went out to meet them and said, "The king sent me to ask if you have any news." Jehu answered, "Do not worry about the news. Turn around and follow me." And the watchman immediately reported, "The messenger reached them, but he has not returned." (2 Kings 9, 18)

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