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  • The warden put him in charge of all the prisoners and made him responsible for all that was done there. (Genesis 39, 22)

  • They are to be responsible for these things. These are the duties of the sons of Gershon. Their functions and their tasks are to be carried out under the direction of Aaron and his sons: you must see that they fulfill their duties. (Numbers 4, 27)

  • Then Yahweh said to Aaron: "You and your sons, and your whole family shall be responsible for the sanctuary. You and your sons with you shall suffer the guilt for any faults committed while serving as priests in the Holy Tent. (Numbers 18, 1)

  • I said to you at that time: 'I alone cannot be responsible for all of you. (Deuteronomy 1, 9)

  • If any of them leaves the house, he shall be the one responsible for his death, and the guilt will not be ours. But if anyone who is with you is killed, then may the punishment for his death come upon us. (Joshua 2, 19)

  • He who turns out to be responsible for this offense shall be burned, together with all his household goods, for having violated the covenant of Yahweh and having done a detestable crime in Israel." (Joshua 7, 15)

  • Saul said, "Call all the army officers here. We must find out who is responsible for the sin that has been committed today. (1 Samuel 14, 38)

  • David said to him, "I knew that day, when Doeg the Edomite was there, that he would surely tell Saul. So I am responsible for the death of all your family. (1 Samuel 22, 22)

  • On the day you leave and cross the brook Kidron, you shall surely die and you shall be responsible for your own death." (1 Kings 2, 37)

  • Then they would turn the amount over into the hands of those responsible for the work of the House, who would, in turn, pay with this money the carpenters and bricklayers doing the repairs. (2 Kings 12, 12)

  • Accounts were not asked from those responsible for paying the laborers, since they acted with great honor. (2 Kings 12, 16)

  • He also took from those in the city a eunuch in command of the fighting men, five personal advisers to the king who were discovered in the city, the commander's secretary, responsible for military conscription, and sixty of his men who were found in the city. (2 Kings 25, 19)

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