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  • for Yahweh had told them that these were to die in the desert and that none of them would be left except Caleb son of Jephunneh and Joshua son of Nun. (Numbers 26, 65)

  • Yahweh then said to Moses, 'Take Joshua son of Nun, a man in whom the spirit dwells, and lay your hand on him. (Numbers 27, 18)

  • Moses did as Yahweh had ordered. He took Joshua, brought him before the priest Eleazar and the whole community, (Numbers 27, 22)

  • except for Caleb son of Jephunneh the Kenizzite, and Joshua son of Nun: these indeed have followed Yahweh absolutely." (Numbers 32, 12)

  • So Moses gave orders about them to the priest Eleazar, Joshua son of Nun, and the heads of families in the Israelite tribes. (Numbers 32, 28)

  • 'Here are the names of the men who will divide the country up for you: the priest Eleazar and Joshua son of Nun, (Numbers 34, 17)

  • "Your assistant, Joshua son of Nun, will be the one to enter. Encourage him, since he is to bring Israel into possession of the country. (Deuteronomy 1, 38)

  • I then gave Joshua this order, "You can see for yourself everything that Yahweh our God has done to these two kings; Yahweh will do the same to all the kingdoms through which you pass. (Deuteronomy 3, 21)

  • Give Joshua your instructions; encourage him, strengthen him; for he will be the one to cross at the head of this people; he will be the one to bring them into possession of the country which you will see." (Deuteronomy 3, 28)

  • Yahweh your God himself will lead you across, he himself will destroy and dispossess these nations confronting you; Joshua too will lead you across, as Yahweh has said. (Deuteronomy 31, 3)

  • Moses then summoned Joshua and, in the presence of all Israel, said to him, 'Be strong, stand firm; you will be the one to go with this people into the country which Yahweh has sworn to their ancestors that he would give them; you are to be the one who puts them into possession of it. (Deuteronomy 31, 7)

  • Yahweh said to Moses, 'And now the time is near when you must die. Summon Joshua and take your places at the Tent of Meeting, so that I can give him his orders.' Moses and Joshua went and took their places at the Tent of Meeting, (Deuteronomy 31, 14)

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