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  • and all Israel heard the news, 'Saul has killed the Philistine governor, and now Israel has antagonised the Philistines.' So all the people rallied behind Saul at Gilgal. (1 Samuel 13, 4)

  • Some also crossed the Jordan fords into the territory of Gad and Gilead. Saul was still at Gilgal and all the people who followed him were trembling. (1 Samuel 13, 7)

  • He waited for seven days, the period fixed by Samuel, but Samuel did not come to Gilgal, and the army, deserting Saul, began dispersing. (1 Samuel 13, 8)

  • Saul then said, 'Bring me the burnt offering and the communion sacrifices.' And he presented the burnt offering. (1 Samuel 13, 9)

  • Just as he had finished presenting the burnt offering, Samuel arrived, and Saul went out to meet and greet him. (1 Samuel 13, 10)

  • Samuel said, 'What have you been doing?' Saul replied, 'I saw the army deserting me and dispersing, and you had not come at the time fixed, while the Philistines were mustering at Michmash. (1 Samuel 13, 11)

  • Samuel said to Saul, 'You have acted like a fool. You have not obeyed the order which Yahweh your God gave you. Otherwise, Yahweh would have confirmed your sovereignty over Israel for ever. (1 Samuel 13, 13)

  • Samuel then got up and left Gilgal to continue his journey. Those people remaining followed Saul as he went to join the warriors, and went from Gilgal to Geba of Benjamin. Saul reviewed the force that was with him; there were about six hundred men. (1 Samuel 13, 15)

  • Saul, his son Jonathan, and the force that was with them took up their quarters in Geba of Benjamin while the Philistines camped at Michmash. (1 Samuel 13, 16)

  • So it was that on the day of the battle, no one in the army with Saul and Jonathan was equipped with either sword or spear; only Saul and his son Jonathan were so equipped. (1 Samuel 13, 22)

  • One day, Jonathan son of Saul said to his armour-bearer, 'Come on, let us go across to the Philistine outpost over on the other side.' But he did not inform his father. (1 Samuel 14, 1)

  • Saul was on the outskirts of Geba, sitting under the pomegranate tree that stands near the threshing-floor; the force with him numbered about six hundred men. (1 Samuel 14, 2)

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