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  • Joshua sent them off, and they made their way to the place of ambush and took up position between Bethel and Ai, to the west of Ai. Joshua spent the night with the people, (Joshua 8, 9)

  • The people pitched the main camp to the north of the town and set up its ambush to the west of the town. Joshua went that night into the middle of the plain. (Joshua 8, 13)

  • The king of Ai had seen this; the people of the town got up early and hurried out, so that he and all his people could engage Israel in battle on the slope facing the Arabah; but he did not know that an ambush had been laid for him to the rear of the town. (Joshua 8, 14)

  • No sooner had he stretched out his hand than the men in ambush burst from their position, ran forward, entered the town, captured it and quickly set it on fire. (Joshua 8, 19)

  • For, once Joshua and all Israel saw that the town had been seized by the men in ambush, and that smoke was rising from the town, they turned about and attacked the men of Ai. (Joshua 8, 21)

  • The leaders of Shechem put men to ambush him on the mountain tops, and these robbed anyone travelling their way. Abimelech was told of this. (Judges 9, 25)

  • As Gaal son of Obed was coming out and pausing at the entrance of the town gate, Abimelech and his supporters rose from their ambush. (Judges 9, 35)

  • Israel then positioned troops in ambush all round Gibeah. (Judges 20, 29)

  • All the Israelites then retreated and reformed at Baal-Tamar, while the Israelite troops in ambush surged from their positions to the west of Gibeah. (Judges 20, 33)

  • The Benjaminites saw that they were beaten. The Israelites had given ground to Benjamin, since they were relying on the ambush which they had positioned close to Gibeah. (Judges 20, 36)

  • The troops in ambush threw themselves against Gibeah at top speed; fanning out, they put the whole town to the sword. (Judges 20, 37)

  • Now it had been agreed between the Israelites and those of the ambush that the latter should raise a smoke signal from the town, (Judges 20, 38)

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