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  • Now Joseph had a dream, and he repeated it to his brothers, who then hated him more than ever. (Genesis 37, 5)

  • 'So you want to be king over us,' his brothers retorted, 'you want to lord it over us?' And they hated him even more, on account of his dreams and of what he said. (Genesis 37, 8)

  • He had another dream which he recounted to his brothers. 'Look, I have had another dream,' he said. 'There were the sun, the moon and eleven stars, bowing down to me.' (Genesis 37, 9)

  • He told his father and brothers, and his father scolded him. 'A fine dream to have!' he said to him. 'Are all of us then, myself, your mother and your brothers, to come and bow to the ground before you?' (Genesis 37, 10)

  • His brothers held it against him, but his father pondered the matter. (Genesis 37, 11)

  • His brothers went to pasture their father's flock at Shechem. (Genesis 37, 12)

  • Then Israel said to Joseph, 'Your brothers are with the flock at Shechem, aren't they? Come, I am going to send you to them.' 'I am ready,' he replied. (Genesis 37, 13)

  • He said to him, 'Go and see how your brothers and the flock are doing, and bring me word.' He sent him from the valley of Hebron, and Joseph arrived at Shechem. (Genesis 37, 14)

  • 'I am looking for my brothers,' he replied. 'Please tell me where they are pasturing their flock.' (Genesis 37, 16)

  • The man answered, 'They have moved on from here; indeed I heard them say, "Let us go to Dothan." ' So Joseph went after his brothers and found them at Dothan. (Genesis 37, 17)

  • So, when Joseph reached his brothers, they pulled off his tunic, the decorated tunic which he was wearing, (Genesis 37, 23)

  • Then Judah said to his brothers, 'What do we gain by killing our brother and covering up his blood? (Genesis 37, 26)

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