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  • The angel said, 'Cut it open; take out gall, heart and liver; set these aside and throw the entrails away, for gall and heart and liver have curative properties.' (Tobit 6, 5)

  • The boy cut the fish open and took out gall and heart and liver. He fried part of the fish for his meal and kept some for salting. Then they walked on again together until they were nearly in Media. (Tobit 6, 6)

  • Then the boy asked the angel this question, 'Brother Azarias, what can the fish's heart, liver and gall cure?' (Tobit 6, 7)

  • As regards the gall, this is used as an eye ointment for anyone having white spots on his eyes; after using it, you have only to blow on the spots to cure them.' (Tobit 6, 9)

  • They went on together (Raphael warned Tobias to take the gall with him) and the dog followed them. (Tobit 11, 4)

  • You must put the fish's gall to his eyes; the medicine will smart and will draw a filmy white skin off his eyes. And your father will no more be blind but will be able to see the light.' (Tobit 11, 8)

  • (he had the fish's gall in his hand). He blew into his eyes and said, steadying him, 'Take courage, father!' With this he applied the medicine, left it there a while, (Tobit 11, 11)

  • he shoots his arrows at me from all sides, pitilessly pierces my loins, and pours my gall out on the ground. (Job 16, 13)

  • Out of his back sticks an arrow, from his gall a shining point. The terrors advance on him, (Job 20, 25)

  • Bring to mind my misery and anguish; it is wormwood and gall! (Lamentations 3, 19)

  • they gave him wine to drink mixed with gall, which he tasted but refused to drink. (Matthew 27, 34)

  • it is plain to me that you are held in the bitterness of gall and the chains of sin.' (Acts 8, 23)

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