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  • The girl was very beautiful, and a virgin; no man had touched her. She went down to the spring, filled her pitcher and came up again. (Genesis 24, 16)

  • The girl ran to her mother's house to tell what had happened. (Genesis 24, 28)

  • I said to my master, "Suppose the girl will not agree to come with me?" (Genesis 24, 39)

  • While I stand by the spring, if a girl comes out to draw water and I say to her, 'Please give me a little water to drink from your pitcher,' (Genesis 24, 43)

  • if she replies, 'Drink by all means, and I shall draw water for your camels too,' let her be the girl whom Yahweh has decreed for my master's son." (Genesis 24, 44)

  • Rebekah's brother and mother replied, 'Let the girl stay with us for ten days or so; then she can go.' (Genesis 24, 55)

  • They replied, 'Let us call the girl and find out what she has to say.' (Genesis 24, 57)

  • These are the descendants of Ishmael son of Abraham by Hagar, Sarah's Egyptian slave-girl. (Genesis 25, 12)

  • (Laban gave his slave-girl Zilpah to his daughter Leah as her slave.) (Genesis 29, 24)

  • (Laban gave his slave-girl Bilhah to his daughter Rachel as her slave.) (Genesis 29, 29)

  • So she said, 'Here is my slave-girl, Bilhah. Sleep with her and let her give birth on my knees; through her, then, I too shall have children!' (Genesis 30, 3)

  • So she gave him her slave-girl Bilhah as concubine. Jacob slept with her, (Genesis 30, 4)

“Reze pelos infiéis, pelos fervorosos, pelo Papa e por todas as necessidades espirituais e temporais da Santa Igreja, nossa terna mãe. E faça uma oração especial por todos os que trabalham para a salvação das almas e para a glória do nosso Pai celeste.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina