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  • And when the princes of Pharaoh saw her, they praised her to Pharaoh. And the woman was taken into Pharaoh's house. (Genesis 12, 15)

  • As for Ish'mael, I have heard you; behold, I will bless him and make him fruitful and multiply him exceedingly; he shall be the father of twelve princes, and I will make him a great nation. (Genesis 17, 20)

  • These are the sons of Ish'mael and these are their names, by their villages and by their encampments, twelve princes according to their tribes. (Genesis 25, 16)

  • the well which the princes dug, which the nobles of the people delved with the scepter and with their staves." (Numbers 21, 18)

  • And he said to them, "Lodge here this night, and I will bring back word to you, as the LORD speaks to me"; so the princes of Moab stayed with Balaam. (Numbers 22, 8)

  • So Balaam rose in the morning, and said to the princes of Balak, "Go to your own land; for the LORD has refused to let me go with you." (Numbers 22, 13)

  • So the princes of Moab rose and went to Balak, and said, "Balaam refuses to come with us." (Numbers 22, 14)

  • Once again Balak sent princes, more in number and more honorable than they. (Numbers 22, 15)

  • So Balaam rose in the morning, and saddled his ass, and went with the princes of Moab. (Numbers 22, 21)

  • And the angel of the LORD said to Balaam, "Go with the men; but only the word which I bid you, that shall you speak." So Balaam went on with the princes of Balak. (Numbers 22, 35)

  • And Balak sacrificed oxen and sheep, and sent to Balaam and to the princes who were with him. (Numbers 22, 40)

  • And he returned to him, and lo, he and all the princes of Moab were standing beside his burnt offering. (Numbers 23, 6)

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