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  • In those days Mattathias, son of John, son of Simeon, a priest of the family of Joarib, left Jerusalem and settled in Modein. (1 Maccabees 2, 1)

  • He had five sons: John, who was called Gaddi; (1 Maccabees 2, 2)

  • So Judas chose Eupolemus, son of John, son of Accos, and Jason, son of Eleazar, and sent them to Rome to establish an alliance of friendship with them. (1 Maccabees 8, 17)

  • But the sons of Jambri from Medaba made a raid and seized and carried off John and everything he had. (1 Maccabees 9, 36)

  • Remembering the blood of John their brother, they went up and hid themselves under cover of the mountain. (1 Maccabees 9, 38)

  • Seeing that his son John was now a grown man, Simon made him commander of all his soldiers, with his residence in Gazara. (1 Maccabees 13, 53)

  • John then went up from Gazara and told his father Simon what Cendebeus was doing. (1 Maccabees 16, 1)

  • Simon called his two oldest sons, Judas and John, and said to them: "I and my brothers and my father's house have fought the battles of Israel from our youth until today, and many times we succeeded in saving Israel. (1 Maccabees 16, 2)

  • John then mustered in the land twenty thousand warriors and horsemen. Setting out against Cendebeus, they spent the night at Modein, (1 Maccabees 16, 4)

  • John and his men took their position against the enemy. Seeing that his men were afraid to cross the stream, John crossed first. When his men saw this, they crossed over after him. (1 Maccabees 16, 6)

  • It was then that John's brother Judas fell wounded; but John pursued them until Cendebeus reached Kedron, which he had fortified. (1 Maccabees 16, 9)

  • Some took refuge in the towers on the plain of Azotus, but John set fire to these, and about two thousand of the enemy perished. He then returned to Judea in peace. (1 Maccabees 16, 10)

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