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  • They moved on from the mountain of the LORD, a three days' journey, and the ark of the covenant of the LORD which was to seek out their resting place went the three days' journey with them. (Numbers 10, 33)

  • Whenever the ark set out, Moses would say, "Arise, O LORD, that your enemies may be scattered, and those who hate you may flee before you." (Numbers 10, 35)

  • Yet they dared to go up into the foothills, even though neither the ark of the covenant of the LORD nor Moses left the camp. (Numbers 14, 44)

  • "Speak to the Israelites and get one staff from them for each ancestral house, twelve staffs in all, one from each of their tribal princes. Mark each man's name on his staff; (Numbers 17, 17)

  • and mark Aaron's name on Levi's staff, for the head of Levi's ancestral house shall also have a staff. (Numbers 17, 18)

  • Balaam gave voice to his oracle: Be aroused, O Balak, and hearken; give ear to my testimony, O son of Zippor! (Numbers 23, 18)

  • But when you heard the voice from the midst of the darkness, while the mountain was ablaze with fire, you came to me in the person of all your tribal heads and elders, (Deuteronomy 5, 23)

  • "At that time the LORD said to me, 'Cut two tablets of stone like the former; then come up the mountain to me. Also make an ark of wood. (Deuteronomy 10, 1)

  • I will write upon the tablets the commandments that were on the former tablets that you broke, and you shall place them in the ark.' (Deuteronomy 10, 2)

  • So I made an ark of acacia wood, and cut two tablets of stone like the former, and went up the mountain carrying the two tablets. (Deuteronomy 10, 3)

  • I turned and came down the mountain, and placed the tablets in the ark I had made. There they have remained, in keeping with the command the LORD gave me. (Deuteronomy 10, 5)

  • "At that time the LORD set apart the tribe of Levi to carry the ark of the covenant of the LORD, to be in attendance before the LORD and minister to him, and to give blessings in his name, as they have done to this day. (Deuteronomy 10, 8)

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