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  • Thus David chose the pestilence. Now it was the time of the wheat harvest when the plague broke out among the people. (The LORD then sent a pestilence over Israel from morning until the time appointed, and seventy thousand of the people from Dan to Beer-sheba died.) (2 Samuel 24, 15)

  • I rose in the morning to nurse my child, and I found him dead. But when I examined him in the morning light, I saw it was not the son whom I had borne." (1 Kings 3, 21)

  • Ravens brought him bread and meat in the morning, and bread and meat in the evening, and he drank from the stream. (1 Kings 17, 6)

  • Taking the young bull that was turned over to them, they prepared it and called on Baal from morning to noon, saying, "Answer us, Baal!" But there was no sound, and no one answering. And they hopped around the altar they had prepared. (1 Kings 18, 26)

  • In the morning, at the time of the sacrifice, water came from the direction of Edom and filled the land. (2 Kings 3, 20)

  • Early that morning, when the sun shone on the water, the Moabites saw the water at a distance as red as blood. (2 Kings 3, 22)

  • Early the next morning, when the attendant of the man of God arose and went out, he saw the force with its horses and chariots surrounding the city. "Alas!" he said to Elisha. "What shall we do, my lord?" (2 Kings 6, 15)

  • Then they said to one another: "We are not doing right. This is a day of good news, and we are keeping silent. If we wait until morning breaks, we shall be blamed. Come, let us go and inform the palace." (2 Kings 7, 9)

  • "They have brought the heads of the princes," a messenger came in and told him. "Pile them in two heaps at the entrance of the city until morning," he ordered. (2 Kings 10, 8)

  • Going out in the morning, he stopped and said to all the people: "You are not responsible, and although I conspired against my lord and slew him, yet who killed all these? (2 Kings 10, 9)

  • "Upon the large altar," King Ahaz commanded Uriah the priest, "burn the morning holocaust and the evening cereal offering, the royal holocaust and cereal offering, as well as the holocausts, cereal offerings, and libations of the people. You must also sprinkle on it all the blood of holocausts and sacrifices. But the old bronze altar shall be mine for consultation." (2 Kings 16, 15)

  • That night the angel of the LORD went forth and struck down one hundred and eighty-five thousand men in the Assyrian camp. Early the next morning, there they were, all the corpses of the dead. (2 Kings 19, 35)

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