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  • Hear now the rebuke I shall utter and listen to the reproof from my lips. (Job 13, 6)

  • how long will you turn away at my reproof? Lo! I will pour out to you my spirit, I will acquaint you with my words. (Proverbs 1, 23)

  • Because you disdained all my counsel, and my reproof you ignored-- (Proverbs 1, 25)

  • They ignored my counsel, they spurned all my reproof; And in their arrogance they preferred arrogance, and like fools they hated knowledge: (Proverbs 1, 30)

  • The discipline of the LORD, my son, disdain not; spurn not his reproof; (Proverbs 3, 11)

  • And you say, "Oh, why did I hate instruction, and my heart spurn reproof! (Proverbs 5, 12)

  • A path to life is his who heeds admonition, but he who disregards reproof goes astray. (Proverbs 10, 17)

  • He who loves correction loves knowledge, but he who hates reproof is stupid. (Proverbs 12, 1)

  • Poverty and shame befall the man who disregards correction, but he who heeds reproof is honored. (Proverbs 13, 18)

  • The fool spurns his father's admonition, but prudent is he who heeds reproof. (Proverbs 15, 5)

  • Severe punishment is in store for the man who goes astray; he who hates reproof will die. (Proverbs 15, 10)

  • He who listens to salutary reproof will abide among the wise. (Proverbs 15, 31)

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