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  • Then the LORD said: "If now, while they are one people, all speaking the same language, they have started to do this, nothing will later stop them from doing whatever they presume to do. (Genesis 11, 6)

  • When he had finished speaking with him, God departed from Abraham. (Genesis 17, 22)

  • The LORD departed as soon as he had finished speaking with Abraham, and Abraham returned home. (Genesis 18, 33)

  • Rebekah had been listening while Isaac was speaking to his son Esau. So when Esau went out into the country to hunt some game for his father, (Genesis 27, 5)

  • Jacob's sons replied to Shechem and his father Hamor with guile, speaking as they did because their sister Dinah had been defiled. (Genesis 34, 13)

  • Surely, you can see for yourselves, and Benjamin can see for himself, that it is I, Joseph, who am speaking to you. (Genesis 45, 12)

  • There God, speaking to Israel in a vision by night, called, "Jacob! Jacob!" "Here I am," he answered. (Genesis 46, 2)

  • Therefore have no fear. I will provide for you and for your children." By thus speaking kindly to them, he reassured them. (Genesis 50, 21)

  • Go, then! It is I who will assist you in speaking and will teach you what you are to say." (Exodus 4, 12)

  • When he sees you, his heart will be glad. You are to speak to him, then, and put the words in his mouth. I will assist both you and him in speaking and will teach the two of you what you are to do. (Exodus 4, 15)

  • The LORD also told him, "I am coming to you in a dense cloud, so that when the people hear me speaking with you, they may always have faith in you also." When Moses, then, had reported to the LORD the response of the people, (Exodus 19, 9)

  • The trumpet blast grew louder and louder, while Moses was speaking and God answering him with thunder. (Exodus 19, 19)

“No tumulto das paixões terrenas e das adversidades, surge a grande esperança da misericórdia inexorável de Deus. Corramos confiantes ao tribunal da penitência onde Ele, com ansiedade paterna, espera-nos a todo instante.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina