1. Unto the end. May you not destroy. Of David, with the inscription of a title.

2. If, truly and certainly, you speak justice, then judge what is right, you sons of men.

3. For, even in your heart, you work iniquity. Your hands construct injustice on the earth.

4. Sinners have become foreigners from the womb; they have gone astray from conception. They have been speaking falsehoods.

5. Their fury is similar to that of a serpent; it is like a deaf asp, who even blocks her ears,

6. who will not listen to the voice of charmers, nor even to the enchanter who chants wisely.

7. God will crush their teeth within their own mouth. The Lord will break the molars of the lions.

8. They will come to nothing, like water flowing away. He has aimed his bow, while they are being weakened.

9. Like wax that flows, they will be carried away. Fire has fallen upon them, and they will not see the sun.

10. Before your thorns could know the brier, he consumes them alive, as if in rage.

11. The just one will rejoice when he sees vindication. He will wash his hands in the blood of the sinner.

12. And man will say, “If the just one is fruitful, then, truly, there is a God judging them on earth.”

“Mesmo a menor transgressão às leis de Deus será levada em conta.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina