1. The Lord created man from the earth and let him return to earth.

2. He settled a fixed time for them and a set number of days, giving them power over everything on earth.

3. He endowed them with a strength like his own, making them in his own image.

4. He put the fear of men in all living things, thus they had mastery over the animals and birds.

6. He endowed them with knowledge; he gave them tongue and eyes, ears and a mind to think with.

7. He filled them with wisdom and knowledge; he taught them good and evil.

8. He put his own eye in their hearts so they would understand the greatness of his works.

10. They will praise his holy Name and relate the magnificence of his creation.

11. He gave them revealed knowledge as well and handed over to them the Law of life.

12. He established an everlasting covenant with them and let them know his judgments.

13. Human eyes saw the splendor of the Glory of God; their ears heard the grandeur of his voice.

14. He said to them, "Keep yourselves from all wrongdoing," and to each of them he gave commands regarding his neighbor.

15. Their conduct is always before the Lord; they cannot escape his sight.

17. He has placed a leader over each nation, but Israel is the Lord's own portion.

19. Their deeds are as clear as the sun to him, he always observes their ways.

20. Their misdeeds cannot be hidden from him, all their sins are before the Lord.

22. He holds a man's almsgiving dear as a priceless signet ring; he cherishes a good deed like the apple of his eye.

23. One day he will rise and reward them; he will place their prize on their heads.

24. He allows those who repent to return; he comforts those whose hopes are fading.

25. Be converted to the Lord and give up your sins, plead with him to lessen your offense.

26. Return to the Almighty, turn aside from wrongdoing and totally detest evil.

27. For who in the grave will praise the Almighty, if the living do not give him glory?

28. The dead man is as if he did not exist and cannot give praise; he who has life and health can praise the Lord.

29. How great is the mercy of the Lord and his forgiveness for those who turn to him!

30. Man cannot have everything in his power since he is not immortal.

31. What is brighter than the sun? Yet it disappears. Man is no more than flesh and blood, yet he thinks of doing evil.

32. While the sun surveys the stars in the lofty sky, all men remain dust and ashes.

“Agradeça sempre ao Pai eterno por sua infinita misericórdia”. São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina