1. O Lord God, vengeance is yours; O God who avenges, show yourself!

2. Judge of the world, repay the proud with what they deserve.

3. How long shall the wicked, O Lord, how long shall the wicked exult?

4. Pouring out words of arrogance, evildoers make a show of their insolence.

5. They crush your people, O Lord, they oppress your inheritance.

6. They murder the widow and the lonely, they massacre the helpless;

7. "The Lord does not see," they say, "the God of Jacob does not care."

8. Remember this, you stupid people, when will you understand, you fools!

9. He who made the ear, will he not hear? He who formed the eye, will he not see?

10. He who rebukes nations, will he not punish them?

11. The Lord knows the thoughts of humans, that they are a puff of wind.

12. Fortunate the one you correct, O Lord, the one you teach your law;

13. you give them relief from distress while a pit is dug for the wicked.

14. The Lord will not reject his people nor will he forsake his heritage.

15. Justice will return to the just, and the upright will follow in its wake.

16. Who stands up for me against the wicked? Who stands by me against evildoers?

17. Had the Lord not helped me, I would have fallen into the silence of death.

18. No sooner did I say, "My foot is slipping," your kindness, O Lord, held me up.

19. The more worries and trouble assailed me, the more you consoled me.

20. You shun wicked rulers who impose injustice by law.

21. They plot together against the virtuous and condemn the innocent.

22. But the Lord is my stronghold, my God, my rock of refuge.

23. He will repay them for their evil and destroy them for their wickedness; the Lord, our God, will blot them out.

“Se você tem dúvidas sobre a fé é exatamente porque tem fé!” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina