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  • And each one cast down their staffs, and they were turned into serpents. But the staff of Aaron devoured their staffs. (Exodus 7, 12)

  • It will not be so. However, go only with the men, and sacrifice to the Lord. For this, too, is what you yourselves requested.” And immediately they were cast out from the sight of Pharaoh. (Exodus 10, 11)

  • And he caused a very strong wind to blow from the west, and, seizing the locusts, it cast them into the Red Sea. There remained not so much as one in all the parts of Egypt. (Exodus 10, 19)

  • Then Moses and the sons of Israel sang this song to the Lord, and they said: “Let us sing to the Lord, for he has been gloriously magnified: the horse and the rider he has cast into the sea. (Exodus 15, 1)

  • The chariots of Pharaoh, and his army, he has cast into the sea; his elect leaders have been submerged in the Red Sea. (Exodus 15, 4)

  • So he cried out to the Lord, who showed him a tree. And when he had cast it into the waters, they were turned into sweetness. In that place, he established instructions for him, and also judgments. And he tested him there, (Exodus 15, 25)

  • I will not cast them out from your face in one year, lest the land be reduced to a wilderness and the wild beasts increase against you. (Exodus 23, 29)

  • Then I will set your limits to be from the Red Sea to the Sea of the Palestinians, and from the desert all the way to the river. I will deliver into your hands the inhabitants of the land, and I will cast them out from your sight. (Exodus 23, 31)

  • For these, you shall cast forty bases of silver, so that two bases will lie under each panel at its two corners. (Exodus 26, 19)

  • And I will send an Angel to precede you, so that I may cast out the Canaanite, and the Amorite, and the Hittite, and the Perizzite, and the Hivite, and the Jebusite, (Exodus 33, 2)

  • For these, he also cast fifty gold rings, which would retain the loops of the curtains and so make the tabernacle one. (Exodus 36, 13)

  • and five columns with their heads, which he covered with gold, and he cast their bases from brass. (Exodus 36, 38)

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