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  • “Woe to us! For there was no such great exultation yesterday, or the day before. Woe to us! Who will save us from the hand of these sublime gods? These are the gods who struck Egypt with all the plagues, in the desert.” (1 Samuel 4, 8)

  • For you are not delighted with our perdition. For, after a storm, you create tranquility, and after tears and weeping, you pour out exultation. (Tobit 3, 22)

  • For she put away from herself the garments of widowhood, and she clothed herself with the garments of rejoicing, for the sake of the exultation of the sons of Israel. (Judith 16, 9)

  • You are my refuge from the tribulation that has surrounded me. You are my exultation: rescue me from those who are surrounding me. (Psalms 31, 7)

  • These things I have remembered; and my soul within me, I have poured out. For I will cross into the place of the wonderful tabernacle, all the way to the house of God, with a voice of exultation and confession, the sound of feasting. (Psalms 41, 5)

  • They will be brought with gladness and exultation. They will be led into the temple of the king. (Psalms 44, 16)

  • All nations, clap your hands. Shout joyfully to God with a voice of exultation. (Psalms 46, 2)

  • Mount Zion is being founded with the exultation of the whole earth, on the north side, the city of the great king. (Psalms 47, 3)

  • The beauty of the desert will fatten, and the hills will be wrapped with exultation. (Psalms 64, 13)

  • Shout joyfully to God, all the earth. Serve the Lord with rejoicing. Enter into his sight in exultation. (Psalms 99, 2)

  • And he led forth his people in exultation, and his elect in rejoicing. (Psalms 104, 43)

  • And let them offer sacrifice with the sacrifice of praise, and let them announce his works in exultation. (Psalms 106, 22)

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