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  • And he said to him: “Why are you becoming so thin from day to day, O son of the king? Why won’t you tell me?” And Amnon said to him, “I am in love with Tamar, the sister of my brother Absalom.” (2 Samuel 13, 4)

  • And Amnon held hatred for her with an exceedingly great hatred, so much so that the hatred with which he hated her was greater than the love with which he had loved her before. And Amnon said to her, “Rise up, and go away.” (2 Samuel 13, 15)

  • You love those who hate you, and you hate those who love you. And you have revealed this day that you have no concern for your leaders and for your servants. And truly, I know now that if Absalom had lived, and if we all had been killed, then it would have pleased you. (2 Samuel 19, 6)

  • These were of the nations about whom the Lord said to the sons of Israel: “You shall not enter to them, and none of them shall enter to anyone of yours. For they will most certainly turn aside your hearts, so that you follow their gods.” And yet, to these Solomon was joined with a greatly enflamed love. (1 Kings 11, 2)

  • I know, my God, that you test hearts, and that you love simplicity. Therefore, in the simplicity of my heart, I also have offered all these things joyfully. And I have seen, with immense gladness, your people, who have been found here, offering their donations to you. (1 Chronicles 29, 17)

  • And I said: “I beg you, O Lord, God of heaven, strong, great, and terrible, who keeps covenant and mercy with those who love you and who keep your commandments: (Nehemiah 1, 5)

  • And so, the third night having been accomplished, you will receive the virgin with the fear of the Lord, led more by love of children than by physical desire, so that, as the offspring of Abraham, you will then obtain a blessing in children. (Tobit 6, 22)

  • And now, O Lord, you know that I take my sister in conjugal union, not by reason of worldly pleasure, but solely for the love of posterity, in which your name may be blessed forever and ever.” (Tobit 8, 9)

  • admonishing her to honor her father-in-law, to love her husband, to guide the family, to govern the household, and to behave irreproachably herself. (Tobit 10, 13)

  • Blessed are all those who love you and who rejoice in your peace. (Tobit 13, 18)

  • For the congregation of the hypocrites is fruitless, and fire will devour the tabernacles of those who love to accept money. (Job 15, 34)

  • Is he that does not love judgment able to be corrected? And how can you so greatly condemn him who is just? (Job 34, 17)

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