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  • For he caused a distant nation to come against them, a ruthless nation with an unknown language. They had no respect for the old, and no pity for the infant; (Baruch 4, 15)

  • to keep the kingdom humble and unable to assert itself, and to oblige the king to respect the treaty. (Ezekiel 17, 14)

  • Her prophets are blabbermouths and treacherous people; her priests defile whatever is sacred with no respect for the Law. (Zephaniah 3, 4)

  • and all the people heard these words of the prophet Haggai whom Yahweh had sent to speak to them, they paid attention to what Yahweh had told them and the people were filled with respect for God. (Haggai 1, 13)

  • The son honors his father, the servant respects his master. Now if I am a father, where is the honor due to me? If I am your master, where is your respect for me? This is what Yahweh of hosts wants you to know, priests who despise his name. But you will only ask: How have we despised your name? (Malachi 1, 6)

  • You present defiled foods on my altar, yet you say: How did we defile you? You think that my table does not deserve respect. (Malachi 1, 7)

  • My covenant with him spoke of life and peace, and I gave him these; it also spoke of respect and he respected me and reverenced my Name. (Malachi 2, 5)

  • When I came to you to do justice I shall demand the immediate punishment of the sorcerers and the adulterers, of those who swear false oaths, who oppress the wage-earner, the widow and the orphan, who do not respect the rights of the foreigner. They do all this and have no fear of me, says Yahweh. (Malachi 3, 5)

  • Those were the very words of those who fear Yahweh. Yahweh listened and heard what they said. He ordered at once that the names of those who respect him and reverence his Name be written in a record. (Malachi 3, 16)

  • On the other hand the sun of justice will shine upon you who respect my Name and bring health in its rays. You will come out leaping like fattened calves. (Malachi 3, 20)

  • Be on your guard with respect to people, for they will hand you over to their courts and they will flog you in their synagogues. (Matthew 10, 17)

  • Finally, he sent his son, thinking: 'They will respect my son.' (Matthew 21, 37)

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