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  • Again Rachel's slave-girl Bilhah conceived and gave birth to a second son by Jacob. (Genesis 30, 7)

  • Now Leah, seeing that she had ceased to bear children, took her slave-girl Zilpah and gave her to Jacob as concubine. (Genesis 30, 9)

  • So Leah's slave-girl Zilpah gave birth to a son by Jacob. (Genesis 30, 10)

  • Leah's slave-girl Zilpah gave birth to a second son by Jacob. (Genesis 30, 12)

  • Then Leah said, 'God has given me my reward for giving my slave-girl to my husband.' So she named him Issachar. (Genesis 30, 18)

  • He was captivated by Dinah daughter of Jacob; he fell in love with the girl and tried to win her heart. (Genesis 34, 3)

  • Accordingly Shechem said to his father Hamor, 'Get me this girl; I want to marry her.' (Genesis 34, 4)

  • Then Shechem addressed the girl's father and brothers, 'Grant me this favour, and I will give you whatever you ask. (Genesis 34, 11)

  • Demand as high a bride-price from me as you please, and I will pay as much as you ask. Only let me marry the girl.' (Genesis 34, 12)

  • The sons of Bilhah, Rachel's slave-girl: Dan and Naphtali. (Genesis 35, 25)

  • The sons of Zilpah, Leah's slave-girl: Gad and Asher. These were the sons born to Jacob in Paddan-Aram. (Genesis 35, 26)

  • 'When you attend Hebrew women in childbirth,' he said, 'look at the two stones. If it is a boy, kill him; if a girl, let her live.' (Exodus 1, 16)

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