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  • Obediently, they brought out to him from the cave the five kings, of Jerusalem, Hebron, Jarmuth, Lachish and Eglon. (Joshua 10, 23)

  • When they had done so, Joshua summoned all the men of Israel and said to the commanders of the soldiers who had marched with him, "Come forward and put your feet on the necks of these kings." They came forward and put their feet upon their necks. (Joshua 10, 24)

  • Joshua conquered the entire country; the mountain regions, the Negeb, the foothills, and the mountain slopes, with all their kings. He left no survivors, but fulfilled the doom on all who lived there, just as the LORD, the God of Israel, had commanded. (Joshua 10, 40)

  • All these kings and their lands Joshua captured in a single campaign, for the LORD, the God of Israel, fought for Israel. (Joshua 10, 42)

  • and to the northern kings in the mountain regions and in the Arabah near Chinneroth, in the foothills, and in Naphath-dor to the west. (Joshua 11, 2)

  • All these kings joined forces and marched to the waters of Merom, where they encamped together to fight against Israel. (Joshua 11, 5)

  • Joshua thus captured all those kings with their cities and put them to the sword, fulfilling the doom on them, as Moses, the servant of the LORD, had commanded. (Joshua 11, 12)

  • from Mount Halak that rises toward Seir as far as Baal-gad in the Lebanon valley at the foot of Mount Hermon. All their kings he captured and put to death. (Joshua 11, 17)

  • Joshua waged war against all these kings for a long time. (Joshua 11, 18)

  • The kings of the land east of the Jordan, from the River Arnon to Mount Hermon, including all the eastern section of the Arabah, whom the Israelites conquered and whose lands they occupied, were: (Joshua 12, 1)

  • This is a list of the kings whom Joshua and the Israelites conquered west of the Jordan and whose land, from Baal-gad in the Lebanon valley to Mount Halak which rises toward Seir, Joshua apportioned to the tribes of Israel. (Joshua 12, 7)

  • They were the kings of Jericho, Ai (which is near Bethel), (Joshua 12, 9)

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