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  • But you told your servants, 'Unless your youngest brother comes back with you, you shall not come into my presence again.' (Genesis 44, 23)

  • and your servants will thus send the white head of our father down to the nether world in grief. (Genesis 44, 31)

  • you must answer, 'We your servants, like our ancestors, have been keepers of livestock from the beginning until now,' in order that you may stay in the region of Goshen, since all shepherds are abhorrent to the Egyptians." (Genesis 46, 34)

  • When Pharaoh asked them what their occupation was, they answered, "We, your servants, like our ancestors, are shepherds. (Genesis 47, 3)

  • We have come," they continued, "in order to stay in this country, for there is no pasture for your servants' flocks in the land of Canaan, so severe has the famine been there. Please, therefore, let your servants settle in the region of Goshen." (Genesis 47, 4)

  • 'You shall say to Joseph, Jacob begs you to forgive the criminal wrongdoing of your brothers, who treated you so cruelly.' Please, therefore, forgive the crime that we, the servants of your father's God, committed." When they spoke these words to him, Joseph broke into tears. (Genesis 50, 17)

  • Then the Israelite foremen came and made this appeal to Pharaoh: "Why do you treat your servants in this manner? (Exodus 5, 15)

  • No straw is supplied to your servants, and still we are told to make bricks. Look how your servants are beaten! It is you who are at fault." (Exodus 5, 16)

  • they said to them, "The LORD look upon you and judge! You have brought us into bad odor with Pharaoh and his servants and have put a sword in their hands to slay us." (Exodus 5, 21)

  • Then Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh and did as the LORD had commanded. Aaron threw his staff down before Pharaoh and his servants, and it was changed into a snake. (Exodus 7, 10)

  • Moses and Aaron did as the LORD had commanded. Aaron raised his staff and struck the waters of the river in full view of Pharaoh and his servants, and all the water of the river was changed into blood. (Exodus 7, 20)

  • The river will teem with frogs. They will come up into your palace and into your bedroom and onto your bed, into the houses of your servants, too, and your subjects, even into your ovens and your kneading bowls. (Exodus 7, 28)

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