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  • Lot looked up and saw the whole valley of the Jordan: how well it was watered! Before Yahweh destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, this was like one of Yahweh's gardens, like the country of Egypt, on coming to Zoar. (Genesis 13, 10)

  • Lot chose for himself all the Jordan valley and journeyed eastward. In this way they separated from each other. (Genesis 13, 11)

  • I am unworthy of the kindness and faithfulness you have shown to me, for with only my staff I crossed the Jordan and now I have enough to form two companies. (Genesis 32, 10)

  • When they came to the threshing floor of Atad, near the Jordan, they carried out a solemn and long lamentation and there Joseph mourned his father for seven days. (Genesis 50, 10)

  • When the Canaanites witnessed this mourning they said, "This is a solemn mourning ceremony of the Egyptians." That is why this place which is east of the Jordan was called Abel Mizraim. (Genesis 50, 11)

  • Amalekites live in the region of the Negeb; Hittites, Jebusites and Amorites live in the hill country; the Canaanites are by the sea and along the banks of the Jordan." (Numbers 13, 29)

  • Then the Israelites journeyed on and camped in the plains of Moab along the Jordan opposite Jericho. (Numbers 22, 1)

  • So Moses and Eleazar the priest enlisted the people in the plains of Moab, near the Jordan opposite Jericho as Yahweh had commanded Moses. (Numbers 26, 3)

  • These were the men registered by Moses and Eleazar the priest who took this census of the Israelites in the plains of Moab, near the Jordan River, opposite Jericho. (Numbers 26, 63)

  • they brought the captives and the spoils to Moses, Eleazer the priest, and all the community of the sons of Israel, at the camp in the plains of Moab, near the Jordan River opposite Jericho. (Numbers 31, 12)

  • If we have deserved your friendship, give us this land for our own; do not make us cross the Jordan River." (Numbers 32, 5)

  • For we shall have no inheritance with them on the other bank of the Jordan River or beyond, since our inheritance has fallen to us here, east of the Jordan." (Numbers 32, 19)

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