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  • they exchanged the Glory of the immortal God for the likes of mortal human beings, birds, animals and reptiles. (Romans 1, 23)

  • Now look: not all flesh is the same; one is the flesh of human beings; another the flesh of animals, and still others the flesh of birds and of fish. (1 Corinthians 15, 39)

  • After the High Priest has offered the blood in the Sanctuary for the sins of the people, the carcasses of the animals are burnt outside the camp. (Hebrews 13, 11)

  • Wild animals, birds, reptiles and sea creatures of every kind are and have been ruled by the human species. (James 3, 7)

  • Those people are like irrational animals born to be caught and killed; after they have slandered what they cannot understand, they will end like animals (2 Peter 2, 12)

  • Not so these people, they insult and scorn what they cannot understand; what they know by instinct like animals, they use for their corruption. (Jude 1, 10)

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