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  • Then Jesus laid his hands on his eyes again and the man could see perfectly. His sight was restored and he could see everything clearly. (Mark 8, 25)

  • because he was teaching his disciples. And he told them, "The Son of Man will be delivered into human hands. They will kill him, but three days after he has been killed, he will rise." (Mark 9, 31)

  • If your hand makes you fall into sin, cut it off! It is better for you to enter life without a hand than with two hands to go to hell, to the fire that never goes out. (Mark 9, 43)

  • Then he took the children in his arms and laying his hands on them, blessed them. (Mark 10, 16)

  • When he came back the third time, he said, "You can sleep on now and take your rest! It is all over, the time has come; the Son of Man is now given into the hands of sinners. (Mark 14, 41)

  • he left the cloth in their hands and fled away naked. (Mark 14, 52)

  • "We heard him say: 'I will destroy this Temple made by hands and in three days I will build another not made by human hands." (Mark 14, 58)

  • they will pick up snakes and, if they drink anything poisonous, they will be unharmed. They will lay their hands on the sick and they will be healed." (Mark 16, 18)

  • and again: They will hold you in their hands, lest you hurt your foot on the stones." (Luke 4, 11)

  • At sunset, people suffering from many kinds of sickness were brought to Jesus. Laying his hands on each one, he healed them. (Luke 4, 40)

  • One sabbath Jesus was going through the corn fields and his disciples began to pick heads of grain crushing them in their hands for food. (Luke 6, 1)

  • "Listen and remember what I tell you now: The Son of Man will be delivered into human hands." (Luke 9, 44)

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