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  • And these were the sons of Esau's wife Oholibamah daughter of Anah, son of Zibeon: she bore him Jeush, Jalam and Korah. (Genesis 36, 14)

  • These are the chieftains of Esau. The descendants of Eliphaz, Esau's eldest son: the chieftains of Teman, Omar, Zepho, Kenaz, (Genesis 36, 15)

  • The descendants of Esau's son Reuel: the chieftains of Nahath, Zerah, Shammah and Mizzah. These are the chieftains of Reuel in Edom and are descended from Esau's wife Basemath. (Genesis 36, 17)

  • The descendants of Esau's wife Oholibamah: the chieftains of Jeush, Jalam and Korah. These are the chieftains of Esau's wife Oholibamah daughter of Anah. (Genesis 36, 18)

  • These were the sons of Esau -- that is, Edom -- and these are their chieftains. (Genesis 36, 19)

  • These are the names of the chieftains of Esau -- according to their clans and localities: the chieftains of Timna, Alvah, Jetheth, (Genesis 36, 40)

  • Magdiel and Iram. These are the chieftains of Edom, as settled in the territory which they own. Esau was Edom's ancestor. (Genesis 36, 43)

  • And give the people this order: You are about to pass through the territory of your kinsmen, the sons of Esau who live in Seir. They are afraid of you, and you will be well protected. (Deuteronomy 2, 4)

  • Do not provoke them, for I shall give you none of their land, no, not so much as a foot's length of it. I have given the highlands of Seir to Esau as his domain. (Deuteronomy 2, 5)

  • 'So we passed beyond those relatives of ours, the children of Esau who live in Seir, by the road through the Arabah, Elath and Ezion-Geber; then, changing direction, we took the road towards the Plains of Moab. (Deuteronomy 2, 8)

  • The Horites, too, lived in Seir at one time; these, however, were dispossessed and exterminated by the children of Esau who settled there in place of them, just as Israel has done in the country given to it by Yahweh as a heritage.) (Deuteronomy 2, 12)

  • just as he had done for the children of Esau who live in Seir, so that they dispossessed the Horites and settled there instead of them and are still there now. (Deuteronomy 2, 22)

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