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  • my intimate friends have gone away and the guests in my house have forgotten me. (Job 19, 14)

  • All my dearest friends recoil from me in horror: those I loved best have turned against me. (Job 19, 19)

  • Pity me, pity me, my friends, since I have been struck by the hand of God. (Job 19, 21)

  • and he was equally angry with the three friends for giving up the argument and thus putting God in the wrong. (Job 32, 3)

  • Very well, I shall tell you and your friends as well. (Job 35, 4)

  • When Yahweh had finished saying this to Job, he said to Eliphaz of Teman, 'I burn with anger against you and your two friends, for not having spoken correctly about me as my servant Job has done. (Job 42, 7)

  • And Yahweh restored Job's condition, while Job was interceding for his friends. More than that, Yahweh gave him double what he had before. (Job 42, 10)

  • And all his brothers and all his sisters and all his friends of former times came to see him. Over dinner in his house, they showed their sympathy and comforted him for all the evils Yahweh had inflicted on him. Each of them gave him a silver coin, and each a gold ring. (Job 42, 11)

  • The sheer number of my enemies makes me contemptible, loathsome to my neighbours, and my friends shrink from me in horror. When people see me in the street they take to their heels. (Psalms 31, 11)

  • Friends and companions shun my disease, even the dearest of them keep their distance. (Psalms 38, 11)

  • 'You make friends with a thief as soon as you see one, you feel at home with adulterers, (Psalms 50, 18)

  • You have deprived me of my friends, made me repulsive to them, imprisoned, with no escape; (Psalms 88, 8)

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