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  • he husbanded all the food of these years of plenty that the land of Egypt was enjoying and stored it in the towns, placing in each town the crops of the fields around it. (Genesis 41, 48)

  • When the seven years of abundance enjoyed by the land of Egypt came to an end, (Genesis 41, 53)

  • Whoever makes an incense like this for his own enjoyment of its fragrance, shall be cut off from his kinsmen." (Exodus 30, 38)

  • When Moses realized that, to the scornful joy of their foes, Aaron had let the people run wild, (Exodus 32, 25)

  • during all the time that it lies desolate, enjoying the rest that you would not let it have on the sabbaths when you lived there. (Leviticus 25, 35)

  • You may then exchange the money for whatever you desire, oxen or sheep, wine or strong drink, or anything else you would enjoy, and there before the LORD, your God, you shall partake of it and make merry with your family. (Deuteronomy 14, 26)

  • Let him not become estranged from his countrymen through pride, nor turn aside to the right or to the left from these commandments. Then he and his descendants will enjoy a long reign in Israel. (Deuteronomy 17, 20)

  • Is there anyone who has planted a vineyard and never yet enjoyed its fruits? Let him return home, lest he die in battle and another enjoy its fruits in his stead. (Deuteronomy 20, 6)

  • "When a man is newly wed, he need not go out on a military expedition, nor shall any public duty be imposed on him. He shall be exempt for one year for the sake of his family, to bring joy to the wife he has married. (Deuteronomy 24, 5)

  • Though you betroth a wife, another man will have her. Though you build a house, you will not live in it. Though you plant a vineyard, you will not enjoy its fruits. (Deuteronomy 28, 30)

  • Since you would not serve the LORD, your God, with joy and gratitude for abundance of every kind, (Deuteronomy 28, 47)

  • For this is no trivial matter for you; rather, it means your very life, since it is by this means that you are to enjoy a long life on the land which you will cross the Jordan to occupy." (Deuteronomy 32, 47)

“Se você não entrega seu coração a Deus, o que lhe entrega?” “Você deve seguir outra estrada. Tire de seu coração todas as paixões deste mundo, humilhe-se na poeira e reze! Dessa forma, certamente você encontrará Deus, que lhe dará paz e serenidade nesta vida e a eterna beatitude na próxima.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina