1. A good name is better than great wealth; fame is preferable to silver or gold.

2. Rich and poor have something in common, Yahweh has made them all.

3. The discreet man foresees disgrace and hides, the ignorant keep going at their own expense.

4. The reward of humility is fear of Yahweh, wealth, honor and life.

5. The path of the wicked is paved with thorns and traps, he who loves his life will keep his distance.

6. Teach a child the way he should go, he will not stray from it while he lives.

7. The rich man lords it over the poor, the borrower is the moneylender's slave.

8. Whoever sows injustice reaps disaster; the power of the wicked will be broken.

9. The warmhearted man will be blessed since he shares his bread with the poor.

10. Throw out the mocker and the dispute will cease, fighting and insults will end.

11. He who loves purity of heart and speaks sensibly will find a friend in the king.

12. Yahweh's look protects the wise man and discredits the words of the liar.

13. The lazy man says, "There is a lion outside, he will kill me in the street."

14. The adulterous woman's mouth is a deep pit, he whom Yahweh wishes to punish will fall into it.

15. The heart of the child is naturally foolish, the beating of instruction will cure it.

16. When you oppress the poor, you make them grow; when you give to the rich, you waste everything.

17. Give ear, listen to the words of the wise and apply yourself to understanding them,

18. because it will be your delight to keep them deep within you, to have them always ready on your lips.

19. I wish now to teach you, so that you will place your trust in Yahweh.

20. Have I not written for you thirty chapters of advice and knowledge

21. so that you may recognize the truth and be able to answer rightly him who sent you?

22. Do not take from the poor man just because he is poor or condemn the one in misfortune,

23. because Yahweh will intercede for them and will carry off the life of their oppressors.

24. Do not befriend the angry man or be a companion to the one of rage,

25. for fear you adopt their ways and lose your life in their midst.

26. Do not be one of those who undertake a commitment and act as guarantor of debts;

27. if you cannot pay, they will take from you the very bed in which you sleep.

28. Do not move the ancient boundaries established by your forefathers.

29. You see a clever man at work? He will enter the service of kings; he will not stay in the service of people of no renown.

“Enquanto estivermos vivos sempre seremos tentados. A vida é uma contínua luta. Se às vezes há uma trégua é para respirarmos um pouco.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina