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  • And he blessed the seventh day and sanctified it. For in it, he had ceased from all his work: the work whereby God created whatever he should make. (Genesis 2, 3)

  • And he said to them: “This is what the Lord has spoken: Tomorrow, the rest day of the Sabbath, has been sanctified to the Lord. Whatever would be done, do it now. And whatever would be cooked, cook it now. Then anything that will have been left over, store it until morning.” (Exodus 16, 23)

  • And Moses came down from the mountain to the people, and he sanctified them. And when they had washed their garments, (Exodus 19, 14)

  • Likewise, the priests who approach toward the Lord, let them be sanctified, lest he strike them down.” (Exodus 19, 22)

  • For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, and the sea, and all the things that are in them, and so he rested on the seventh day. For this reason, the Lord has blessed the day of the Sabbath and sanctified it. (Exodus 20, 11)

  • And you shall speak to all the wise of heart, whom I have filled with the spirit of prudence, so that they may make the vestments of Aaron, in which, having been sanctified, he may minister to me. (Exodus 28, 3)

  • hanging in front of the high priest. And Aaron shall carry the iniquities of that which the sons of Israel have offered and sanctified, in all their gifts and donations. But the plate will always be at his forehead, so that the Lord may be well pleased with them. (Exodus 28, 38)

  • so that it may be an appeasing sacrifice, and so that the hands of those who offer may be sanctified. A stranger shall not eat from these, for they are holy. (Exodus 29, 33)

  • And what may remain until morning, of the consecrated flesh or of the bread, you shall burn these remnants with fire. These shall not be eaten, because they have been sanctified. (Exodus 29, 34)

  • For seven days, you shall expiate and sanctify the altar, and it shall be the Holy of holies. All those who will touch it must be sanctified. (Exodus 29, 37)

  • And there I will instruct the sons of Israel, and the altar shall be sanctified by my glory. (Exodus 29, 43)

  • And you shall sanctify everything, and they shall be the Holy of holies. He who will touch them must be sanctified. (Exodus 30, 29)

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