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  • And even some years ago, when they had withdrawn from the way that their God had given them to walk, they were destroyed in battles by many nations and very many of them were led away captive into a land not their own. (Judith 5, 22)

  • And you will be shown that Nebuchadnezzar is the lord of the whole earth. And then, the sword of my army will pass through your sides, and, being stabbed, you will fall among the wounded of Israel, and you will breathe no longer, when you have been destroyed with them. (Judith 6, 4)

  • In the first month, which is called Nisan, in the twelfth year of the reign of Artaxerxes, the lot was cast into an urn, which in Hebrew is called Pur, in the presence of Haman, to determine on what day and in which month the Jewish people should be destroyed. And it turned out to be the twelfth month, which is called Adar. (Esther 5, 7)

  • If it pleases you, declare that they may be destroyed, and I will weigh out ten thousand talents to the keepers of your treasury.” (Esther 5, 9)

  • we commanded that whomever Haman, who is chief over all the provinces, and second after the king, and whom we honor in the place of a father, whomever he would point out should be destroyed by their enemies, with their wives and children, and that no one may take pity on them, on the fourteenth day of the twelfth month Adar of this present year, (Esther 6, 6)

  • And she said, “If it pleases the king, and if I have found favor in his eyes, and my request is not seen to be disagreeable to him, I beg you that the former letters of Haman, the traitor and enemy of the Jews, by which he instructed them to be destroyed in all the king’s provinces, may be corrected by new letters. (Esther 12, 5)

  • All those who faithfully obey the Persians deserve, for their fidelity, to receive a reward, but those who are traitors to their kingdom deserve to be destroyed for their crime. (Esther 13, 23)

  • But every province and city, which is not willing to participate in this solemnity, must perish by the sword and by fire, and be destroyed in this way so that they will be forever an indisputable example of contempt and disobedience, not only to humans, but even to wild animals.” (Esther 13, 24)

  • Consider this, I beg you: who ever perished being innocent? Or when have the righteous been destroyed? (Job 4, 7)

  • From morning all the way to evening, they will be cut down, and because no one understands, they will be destroyed without ceasing. (Job 4, 20)

  • He has destroyed me on every side, and I am lost, and, like an uprooted tree, he has taken away my hope. (Job 19, 10)

  • in the end, he will be destroyed like a trash heap, and those who had seen him will say: “Where is he?” (Job 20, 7)

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