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  • and the skins of rams, dyed red, and skins of violet, and setim wood, (Exodus 25, 5)

  • Join together an ark of setim wood, whose length shall hold two and one half cubits; the width, one and one half cubits; the height, likewise, one and one half cubits. (Exodus 25, 10)

  • Likewise, you shall make bars of setim wood and cover them with gold. (Exodus 25, 13)

  • You shall also make a table of setim wood, having two cubits of length, and one cubit in width, and one cubit and one half cubits in height. (Exodus 25, 23)

  • Likewise, the bars themselves you shall make of setim wood, and surround them with gold, to lift up the table. (Exodus 25, 28)

  • You shall also make the standing panels of the tabernacle from setim wood. (Exodus 26, 15)

  • You shall also make five bars of setim wood, to connect the panels on one side of the tabernacle, (Exodus 26, 26)

  • And you shall suspend it before four columns of setim wood, which themselves certainly shall be overlaid with gold, and have heads of gold, but bases of silver. (Exodus 26, 32)

  • And you shall overlay with gold five columns of setim wood, over which the tent shall be drawn. The heads of these shall be of gold, and the bases of brass.” (Exodus 26, 37)

  • “You shall also make an altar of setim wood, which will have five cubits in length, and the same in width, that is, four equal sides, and three cubits in height. (Exodus 27, 1)

  • You shall also make, for the altar, two bars of setim wood, which you shall cover with layers of brass. (Exodus 27, 6)

  • “You shall also make an altar, for the burning of incense, from setim wood, (Exodus 30, 1)

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