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  • And departing from Alush, they fixed their tents at Rephidim, where the people lacked water to drink. (Numbers 33, 14)

  • You shall buy food from them for money, and you shall eat. You shall draw water for money, and you shall drink. (Deuteronomy 2, 6)

  • Sell us food for a price, so that we may eat. Provide us with water for money, and so we will drink. We only ask that you allow us to pass through, (Deuteronomy 2, 28)

  • when I ascended onto the mountain, so that I might receive the tablets of stone, the tablets of the covenant which the Lord formed with you. And I persevered on the mountain for forty days and nights, neither eating bread, nor drinking water. (Deuteronomy 9, 9)

  • And I fell prostrate before the Lord, just as before, for forty days and nights, not eating bread, and not drinking water, because of all your sins, which you had committed against the Lord, and because you provoked him to anger. (Deuteronomy 9, 18)

  • Only the blood you shall not eat. Instead, you shall pour it upon the ground like water. (Deuteronomy 12, 16)

  • Instead, you shall pour it upon the ground like water, (Deuteronomy 12, 24)

  • This alone shall you observe: that you do not eat their blood, but pour it upon the ground like water.” (Deuteronomy 15, 23)

  • because they were not willing to meet you with bread and water along the way, when you had departed from Egypt, and because they hired against you Balaam, the son of Beor, from Mesopotamia in Syria, in order to curse you. (Deuteronomy 23, 4)

  • And he shall not return before the evening, after he has washed with water, and then, after the sun sets, he shall return to the camp. (Deuteronomy 23, 11)

  • your children and wives, and the new arrival who dwells with you in the camp, aside from those who cut wood, and those who bring water, (Deuteronomy 29, 11)

  • Let my doctrine accumulate like the rain. Let my eloquence form like the dew, like a mist upon the plants, and like water droplets upon the grass. (Deuteronomy 32, 2)

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