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  • No hand shall touch him but he will be stoned or shot down by arrows; be it man or beast he shall not live.' Only when the ram's horn sounds may some of them go up to the mountain." (Exodus 19, 13)

  • I will send them trouble upon trouble and spend all my arrows upon them; (Deuteronomy 32, 23)

  • My arrows will drip with blood, my sword will sink deep into the flesh - blood of the wounded and slain captives, flesh of beheaded enemy leaders. (Deuteronomy 32, 42)

  • I will shoot three arrows near the stones as if I were aiming at a target. (1 Samuel 20, 20)

  • I will then send a lad with this instruction: 'Go, look for the arrows.' If I say to the lad: 'The arrows are on this side, pick them up,' then you may come out for, I swear, you are not in danger. (1 Samuel 20, 21)

  • But if I say to the lad: 'The arrows are beyond you,' leave, for Yahweh is sending you away. (1 Samuel 20, 22)

  • He told the lad, "Run, fetch the arrows." While the lad was running, Jonathan shot an arrow that flew beyond the lad. (1 Samuel 20, 36)

  • Sending out a hail of arrows, he scattered them; flashing forth bolts of lightning, he routed them. (2 Samuel 22, 15)

  • Elisha said to him, "Take a bow and arrows." So he took a bow and arrows. (2 Kings 13, 15)

  • And he added, "Take the arrows." And he took them. Elisha said to the king, "Strike the ground with them." He struck three times and stopped. (2 Kings 13, 18)

  • That is why Yahweh has said this concerning the king of Assyria: He shall not enter this city nor shoot his arrows. He shall not raise a shield to oppose it nor build a siege ramp against it. (2 Kings 19, 32)

  • The fighting grew heavy about Saul; he was hit by enemy arrows and badly wounded. (1 Chronicles 10, 3)

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