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  • the men who have gone astray from the truth, claiming that the resurrection has already taken place. They are upsetting some people's faith. (2 Timothy 2, 18)

  • He must be gentle when he corrects people who oppose him, in the hope that God may give them a change of mind so that they recognise the truth (2 Timothy 2, 25)

  • People will be self-centred and avaricious, boastful, arrogant and rude; disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, irreligious; (2 Timothy 3, 2)

  • They will keep up the outward appearance of religion but will have rejected the inner power of it. Keep away from people like that. (2 Timothy 3, 5)

  • All scripture is inspired by God and useful for refuting error, for guiding people's lives and teaching them to be upright. (2 Timothy 3, 16)

  • The time is sure to come when people will not accept sound teaching, but their ears will be itching for anything new and they will collect themselves a whole series of teachers according to their own tastes; (2 Timothy 4, 3)

  • And in fact there are many people who are insubordinate, who talk nonsense and try to make others believe it, particularly among those of the circumcision. (Titus 1, 10)

  • They must be silenced: people of this kind upset whole families, by teaching things that they ought not to, and doing it for the sake of sordid gain. (Titus 1, 11)

  • so that they stop taking notice of Jewish myths and the orders of people who turn away from the truth. (Titus 1, 14)

  • Similarly, older women should behave as befits religious people, with no scandal-mongering and no addiction to wine -- they must be the teachers of right behaviour (Titus 2, 3)

  • He offered himself for us in order to ransom us from all our faults and to purify a people to be his very own and eager to do good. (Titus 2, 14)

  • not to go slandering other people but to be peaceable and gentle, and always polite to people of all kinds. (Titus 3, 2)

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