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  • the earth quaked, the heavens poured down rain, at the presence of God; yon Sinai quaked at the presence of God, the God of Israel. (Psalms 68, 8)

  • to him who rides in the heavens, the ancient heavens; lo, he sends forth his voice, his mighty voice. (Psalms 68, 33)

  • and thy righteousness, O God, reach the high heavens. Thou who hast done great things, O God, who is like thee? (Psalms 71, 19)

  • They set their mouths against the heavens, and their tongue struts through the earth. (Psalms 73, 9)

  • From the heavens thou didst utter judgment; the earth feared and was still, (Psalms 76, 8)

  • He caused the east wind to blow in the heavens, and by his power he led out the south wind; (Psalms 78, 26)

  • He built his sanctuary like the high heavens, like the earth, which he has founded for ever. (Psalms 78, 69)

  • For thy steadfast love was established for ever, thy faithfulness is firm as the heavens. (Psalms 89, 2)

  • Let the heavens praise thy wonders, O LORD, thy faithfulness in the assembly of the holy ones! (Psalms 89, 5)

  • The heavens are thine, the earth also is thine; the world and all that is in it, thou hast founded them. (Psalms 89, 11)

  • I will establish his line for ever and his throne as the days of the heavens. (Psalms 89, 29)

  • For all the gods of the peoples are idols; but the LORD made the heavens. (Psalms 96, 5)

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