1. Elihu continued and said:

2. Do you presume you are right and innocent before God,

3. when you say, "What is it to you, am I doing you harm with my sins?"

4. I will answer you and your friends as well.

5. Look up to the sky and see, gaze at the clouds above.

6. If you sin, what is that for God? Do your many offenses hurt him?

7. If you are just, what do you give him? or what does he receive from your hand?

8. It's a man like yourself that your sin touches, a son of man that your justice affects.

9. Men cry out when greatly oppressed; they plead for relief under the tyrant's reign.

10. But no one says, "Where is God, my Maker, whose songs of jubilation are heard in the night,

11. who teaches us through the beasts of the earth, who makes us wise through the birds of the air?"

12. This is why he does not answer when they cry out: because of man's arrogance.

13. In vain! God does not listen, the Almighty takes no heed of it.

14. How much less then will he listen when you say you do not see him and wait, for your case is before him!

15. And you say that though he is angry he does not know how to punish for he has taken no notice of wickedness.

16. So Job opens his mouth in empty talk, without knowledge he multiplies words.

“Vive-se de fé, não de sonhos.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina