Löydetty 578 Tulokset: Egypt

  • Egypt will be in desolation, and Edom will be a wilderness destroyed, because of what they have unfairly done to the sons of Judah, and because they have shed innocent blood in their land. (Joel 3, 19)

  • It is I who caused you to ascend from the land of Egypt, and I led you in the wilderness for forty years, so that you might possess the land of the Amorite. (Amos 2, 10)

  • Listen to the word which the Lord has spoken about you, sons of Israel, concerning the whole family that I led out of the land of Egypt, saying: (Amos 3, 1)

  • Let it be heard in the buildings of Ashdod and in the buildings of the land of Egypt, and say: Gather together across the mountains of Samaria, and see the many absurdities in its midst, and those who are suffering false accusations in its inner most places. (Amos 3, 9)

  • I sent death to you by way of Egypt; I struck your youths with the sword, even bringing captivity to your horses. And I made the stench of your camp ascend into your nostrils. And you did not return to me, says the Lord. (Amos 4, 10)

  • Will not the earth shudder over this, and all its inhabitants mourn, and all rise up like a river, and be cast out, and flow away like the river of Egypt? (Amos 8, 8)

  • And the Lord God of hosts, he touches the earth and it will melt. And all who dwell in it will mourn. And everyone will rise up like a river, and will flow away like the river of Egypt. (Amos 9, 5)

  • Sons of Israel, are you not like the sons of the Ethiopians to me, says the Lord? Did I not cause Israel to rise up out of the land of Egypt, and the Philistines out of Cappadocia, and the Syrians out of Cyrene? (Amos 9, 7)

  • For I led you out of the land of Egypt, and I freed you from the house of servitude, and I sent before your face Moses, and Aaron, and Miriam. (Micah 6, 4)

  • As in the days of your departure from the land of Egypt, I will reveal miracles to him. (Micah 7, 15)

  • Ethiopia and Egypt were its strength, and there is no limit. Africa and Northern Africa have been your helpers. (Nahum 3, 9)

  • And act according to the word that I planted with you when you departed from the land of Egypt. And my Spirit will be in your midst. Do not be afraid. (Haggai 2, 6)

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