Löydetty 578 Tulokset: Egypt

  • But every woman shall ask of her neighbor and of her hostess vessels of silver and of gold, as well as garments. And you shall set them upon your sons and daughters, and you shall despoil Egypt.” (Exodus 3, 22)

  • Moses went forth, and he returned to Jethro, his father in law, and he said to him, “I shall go and return to my brothers in Egypt, so that I may see if they are still alive.” And Jethro said to him, “Go in peace.” (Exodus 4, 18)

  • And so the Lord said to Moses in Midian: “Go, and return to Egypt. For all those who sought your life have died.” (Exodus 4, 19)

  • Therefore, Moses took his wife and his sons, and he placed them upon a donkey, and he returned into Egypt, carrying the staff of God in his hand. (Exodus 4, 20)

  • And the Lord said to him, as he was returning to Egypt: “See that you accomplish, in the sight of Pharaoh, all the wonders that I have placed in your hand. I will harden his heart, and he will not release the people. (Exodus 4, 21)

  • The king of Egypt said to them: “Why do you, Moses and Aaron, distract the people from their works? Go back to your burdens.” (Exodus 5, 4)

  • And the people were dispersed through all the land of Egypt, in order to gather straw. (Exodus 5, 12)

  • “Enter and speak to Pharaoh, king of Egypt, so that he may release the sons of Israel from his land.” (Exodus 6, 11)

  • And the Lord spoke to Moses and Aaron, and he gave them a commandment for the sons of Israel, and for Pharaoh, the king of Egypt, that they should lead the sons of Israel away from the land of Egypt. (Exodus 6, 13)

  • These are Aaron and Moses, whom the Lord instructed to lead the sons of Israel away from the land of Egypt by their companies. (Exodus 6, 26)

  • These are those who speak to Pharaoh, king of Egypt, in order to lead the sons of Israel out of Egypt. These are Moses and Aaron, (Exodus 6, 27)

  • in the day when the Lord spoke to Moses in the land of Egypt. (Exodus 6, 28)

“Se tanta atenção é dada aos bens desta Terra, quanto mais se deve dar aos do Céu? Faça, portanto, uma boa leitura espiritual, a santa meditação, o exame de consciência, e fará progresso na perfeição cristã e no amor de Jesus.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina