Löydetty 7247 Tulokset: Lord

  • But to Seth also was born a son, whom he called Enos. This one began to invoke the name of the Lord. (Genesis 4, 26)

  • And he called his name Noah, saying, “This one will console us from the works and hardships of our hands, in the land that the Lord has cursed.” (Genesis 5, 29)

  • Yet truly, Noah found grace before the Lord. (Genesis 6, 8)

  • And the Lord said to him: “Enter the ark, you and all your house. For I have seen you to be just in my sight, within this generation. (Genesis 7, 1)

  • Therefore, Noah did all things just as the Lord had commanded him. (Genesis 7, 5)

  • two by two they were brought into the ark to Noah, male and female, just as the Lord had instructed Noah. (Genesis 7, 9)

  • And those that entered went in male and female, from all that is flesh, just as God had instructed him. And then the Lord closed him in from the outside. (Genesis 7, 16)

  • Then Noah built an altar to the Lord. And, taking from each of the cattle and birds that were clean, he offered holocausts upon the altar. (Genesis 8, 20)

  • And the Lord smelled the sweet odor and said: “I will no longer curse the earth because of man. For the feelings and thoughts of the heart of man are prone to evil from his youth. Therefore, I will no longer pierce every living soul as I have done. (Genesis 8, 21)

  • And he said: “Blessed be the Lord God of Shem, let Canaan be his servant. (Genesis 9, 26)

  • And he was an able hunter before the Lord. From this, a proverb came forth: ‘Just like Nimrod, an able hunter before the Lord.’ (Genesis 10, 9)

  • Then the Lord descended to see the city and the tower, which the sons of Adam were building. (Genesis 11, 5)

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