Löydetty 25 Tulokset: Merchants

  • And when the Midianite merchants were passing by, they drew him from the cistern, and they sold him to the Ishmaelites for twenty pieces of silver. And these led him into Egypt. (Genesis 37, 28)

  • aside from what was brought to him by the men who were over the tributes, and by the merchants, and by those selling every kind of small item, and by all the kings of Arabia, and by the rulers of the land. (1 Kings 10, 15)

  • And horses were brought for Solomon from Egypt and from Kue. For the merchants of the king were buying these from Kue. And they paid out the established price. (1 Kings 10, 28)

  • apart from the sum that the legates of various nations and the merchants were accustomed to bring, and apart from the gold and silver that all the kings of Arabia, and the princes of the lands, were bringing together for Solomon. (2 Chronicles 9, 14)

  • And within the upper room of the corner, at the gate of the flock, the goldsmiths and the merchants built. (Nehemiah 3, 31)

  • And so the merchants and those who sold all kinds of items remained just outside of Jerusalem, once and again. (Nehemiah 13, 20)

  • The sons of merchants have not walked there, nor has the lioness traveled through it. (Job 28, 8)

  • And the merchants of the regions heard of their name. And they took very much silver, and gold, and servants, and they came into the camp to take the sons of Israel into servitude. And armies from Syria and from the lands of foreigners were added to them. (1 Maccabees 3, 41)

  • But as for that most vicious Nicanor, who had led in a thousand merchants for the sale of the Jews, (2 Maccabees 8, 34)

  • Be silent, you inhabitants of the island! The merchants of Sidon, crossing over the sea, have filled you. (Isaiah 23, 2)

  • Who has made this plan against Tyre, which formerly was crowned, whose merchants were leaders, whose traders were illustrious on the earth? (Isaiah 23, 8)

  • So have all these things, in which you have labored, become to you. Your merchants from your youth, each one has erred in his own way. There is no one who can save you. (Isaiah 47, 15)

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